TourKhana-Segovia on air!!

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The time has finally come. TourKhana Segovia was launched on 24/07/2012 for Android and in Spanish. Very soon it will be available in English also. The event was chaired by Pedro Arahuetes, Major of Segovia, Tonny Velin, Director of Answare and José Luis Farias, CEO of Paramotion Films.

After a brief presentation to the media, everyone went downstairs to the Cathedral square and enjoyed the adventures of Pig and Pog.

Pig and Pog are a couple of funny piglets (one of the symbols of Segovia) and, though they don't even know it, they are the guardians of the Porkinci Code. They the stars of funny videos that explain the visitor the main monuments and neighborhoods of this World Heritage Town and propose him questions and games to gain points in order to discover the Code and win the final prize. The game can be played alone or in group.