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Institucionalizando el nivel 2 de CMMI en el Departamento de I+D de una PYME

Actualmente los departamentos de I+D de muchas organizaciones tecnológicas comienzan a valorar la necesidad de contar con unos estándares de calidad regulados por procesos consistentes que aseguren la calidad del producto final. En la I+D, especialmente en las Pequeñas y Medianas Empresas, tradicionalmente se ha priorizado la inversión en investigación sobre la calidad del producto desarrollado, un problema que afecta a la difusión y a la rentabilidad de los resultados. CMMI propone una serie de prácticas que ayudan a establecer un modelo de mejora de los procesos de calidad de la organización, pero muchos departamentos de I+D, debido al formato de los proyectos que desarrollan, encuentran difícil aprovechar sus características para impulsar la mejora. Este artículo trata de enfocar a las PYMEs dedicadas al I+D hacia la implementación de CMMI salvando estos obstáculos.

TourKhana and the new Tourism paradigm

TourKhana significatively helps the entities in charge of the exploitation of touristic resources in their efforts to conceive competitive destinations.

It is not a secret that Tourism is one of today's most dynamic and stable sectors. Last years have demonstrated that in spite of the reduction in the economic activity , Tourism has revealed itself almost as a crisis-proof sector. Perhaps the crisis has caused changes in the preferences of tourists and yes, the numbers tell us that there has been an impact on arrivals and incomes, but the fact is that the levels of occupation have resisted quite well these turbulences and 2010 has already meant the start of the recovery. In this new competitive scenario where new attractive destinations are arising year by year, exploitation entities, public and private, have sensed the need for developing a new conception of the sector.

Among the objectives of these entities, it is crucial to migrate from a Tourism paradigm based on:

  • Resources availability, either natural or man made.
  • Availability of infrastructure enough to cope with visitor needs.

Remote Brainstorming: Innovation in the style of Answare

ITEI project Final Review took place in Brussels during the past 23rd of March. Answare presented its Brainstorming application, designed and developed along with Auraportal ( and Universitat Jaume I (

ITEI perspective

ITEI -Information Technologies supporting the Execution of Innovation Projects- is an ITEA2 labeled project aiming to develop a methodology and to design a software environment for the Management of Innovation of intensive software systems. Many first-class European companies, universities and research centers have contributed to ITEI with their experience in Innovation providing great value applications, reports and industrial cases to configure a set of innovation software pilots and a Software INNOvation Body of Knowledge (, a try of defining a European standard of practice areas to perform Innovation in Software Industry.

Answare contribution

Answare contribution to ITEI has focused in the development of an Idea Generation framework to allow industrial companies to perform Brainstorming sessions in a distributed environment, without the need of physical on-site meetings, allowing faster and cheaper results without losing flexibility. Moreover, Answare wrote an industrial case telling its experience in the paradigm of Ideas Harvesting and Valuation that will be published within the next months in the SinnoBoK reference manual.

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