Answare in the 3D Wire Market

TourKhana opened the conference sessions of the 3D Wire Market last week in Segovia.

César Alcubilla, Sales & Marketing Director of Answare gave the lecture: "TourKhana as an integrated system for promoting the touristic brand based on an immersive experience for smartpohnes".

The 3D wire Market is one of the main national events related to digital content, 3D animation and videogames and is organized by Paramotion, partner of Answare in the implementation of TourKhana in Segovia.

During the speech, Mr. Alcubilla explained how TourKhana contributes to the knowledge and spreading of the brand of touristic destinations to help them differentiate from competitors, by communicating the cultural heritage to visitors in a innovative and attractive way.

Naviga has been selected as a success case by the Opticae Project

The Naviga project has been selected as a success case by a group of experts in the framework of the Opticae project in the final book of Opticae published by "Fundación Empresa y Sociedad".

The Opticae project is a joint action by the CEAPAT and Fundación Empresa y Sociedad in the framework of the spanish program for the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations and its purpose is to communicate to the society initiatives carried out by companies, consortia, associations, etc. in favour of elderly people.

TourKhana-Segovia on air!!

The time has finally come. TourKhana Segovia was launched on 24/07/2012 for Android and in Spanish. Very soon it will be available in English also. The event was chaired by Pedro Arahuetes, Major of Segovia, Tonny Velin, Director of Answare and José Luis Farias, CEO of Paramotion Films.

The Council of Segovia and Answare have signed an agreement for the implementation of TourKhana in Segovia


Pedro Arahuetes, Major of Segovia, and Tonny Velin, Director of Answare, signed such agreement last 10th of May. Pig and Pog, the piggies of TourKhana-Segovia, will start their funny smartphone-city-tours in July. They will guide locals and visitors to the "musts" of Segovia in an amusing way, showing them the heritage and the legends of the city and proposing challenges to enjoy the journey.

During his presentation, Tonny Velin remarked the benefits for the city: the spreading of the Segovia trademark to attract more visitors, specially through social networks. César Alcubilla, Sales & Marketing Director of Answare, explained  that TourKhana Segovia is far from being a conventional tourism guide. He said that its main purpose is to live and learn the heritage in a different and amusing way.

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